Éphémère Blackcurrent

Origin Chambly, Québec
Brewed since 2011
ABV 5,5%
Fermentation Top
Style White ale brewed with fruit
Color Pale red with shades of pink
Clarity Lightly cloudy
Head Fine, lacey pink
Bubbles Fine
Effervescence Medium
Nose Pleasant aromas of blackcurrant enhanced by notes of citrus and spice with a light, flowery bouquet.
Flavor Refreshingly acid, with a touch of sweetness, bittersweet, mildly astringent due to the rich, blackcurrant flavor and a hint of grapes, lemon zest, and tea.
IBU 8.5
Body Medium
Aftertaste Medium in the mouth, short finish
Suggested serving temperature 6º–8ºC / 43° – 46°F
Suggested glass Flute or tulip
Availability Canada and United States
Format 341 mL/12 oz, 750 mL/26 oz & draught


Éphémère Cassis/Blackcurrant is available as a seasonal brew in the U.S.